From registering a company to opening a bank account and receiving VAT. Fast, simple and transparent. Everything is online!
Register a company
in Estonia ONLINE
Preparing an application
We only require an information form filled out by you and a scan-copy of your international passport.
Opening a company
Registration with or without personal presence (online by e-Residency card or on the basis of a power of attorney)
Bank account
We will offer you the most suitable solutions for opening a corporate bank account in EU zone online
Managing accounting
Managing your company accounting services and submitting your company reports distantly
Opportunities for your business
Our services
  • preliminary consultation
  • provision of a legal address and contact person services
  • full support of Your company registration procedure
  • receipt of documents on the company is registered
  • delivery by courier
Company registration
  • managing and organisation of accounting
  • tax planning
  • presentation of yearly and monthly reports
  • receipt of VAT number
  • applying for EORI number
  • audit
Accounting services
  • consultations regarding legal matters
  • preparation of agreements
  • legal audit (due diligence)
  • help in opening an IBAN bank account
  • help changing the company owners and management board members
  • applications for licenses
Legal services
How to open a company
Through e-residency
With personal presence
On the basis of a Power of attorney
Included in the price:
  • consultation on registering a company in Estonia and opening a bank account;
  • company registration online;
  • payment of state fee 190 euros;
  • secretarial services - 1 year;
  • receipt of notarized documents - articles of association and certificate of registration (B-card).

The company will be registered within 24 hours!

In addition, the legal address is 150 euros / year and the contact person's service is 150 euros / year.
The fastest and most comfortable way to register a company in Estonia. Our lawyers will provide online support of the whole registration process. We will explain the important legal aspects, that are connected to organisation and maintaining of your company activities.

Present an application for e-residency
Included in the price:
  • consultation on registering a company in Estonia and opening a bank account;
  • development of constituent documents in Estonian;
  • company name verification;
  • payment for notary services;
  • payment of state fee;
  • secretarial services - 1 year;
  • receipt of notarized documents - articles of association and certificate of registration (B-card).

The company will be in the register within 5 working days.

In addition, the legal address is 150 euros / year and the contact person's service is 150 euros / year.
Arriving in Estonia for only 1 day, you will register the company with a notary. You will receive the necessary advice on the basic issues of conducting your business and accounting. We can discuss the further plan and development strategy of your enterprise.
Included in the price:
  • consultation on registering a company in Estonia and opening a bank account;
  • development of constituent documents in Estonian;
  • company name verification;
  • payment for notary services;
  • payment of state fee;
  • translation of documents into Estonian;
  • secretarial services - 1 year;
  • receipt of notarized documents - articles of association and certificate of registration (B-card).

The company will be in the register within 5 working days.

In addition, the legal address is 150 euros / year and the contact person's service is 150 euros / year.
We will send you a sample power of attorney based on the individual structure of your business. All you need is a notarized power of attorney with an apostille and a passport scan. The transaction at the notary will be carried out by our lawyers based on the original documents and the data provided by you. Start a business without coming to Estonia.
The Estonian e-resident card allows to open and manage a company over distance
We provide you with support regarding the e-Residency application procedure

Opening an account
Online opening of an IBAN account for your company in banks and payment systems of EMI providers StartUP VISA
Opportunities for IT projects
Advantages of registering
a company in Estonia
Estonia is one of the post popular countries with developed innovative
IT Technologies, digital e-Residency environment and optimal tax regime
Corporate income tax – 0%
Taxation of Estonian companies happens only when profits are distributed as dividends or when salaries are paid out. Member of the board of an Estonian company can work without a salary
No requirement for paying up the share capital
The minimal share capital is 2500 euros which the company may form within 10 years or prior to distributing dividends
An opportunity to receive VAT number in Estonia and other EU countries
Active EU directive of 2006 regarding Value added tax allows to use a 0% tax rate regarding a turnover in EU
Estonia have signed and ratified over 55 agreements regarding avoidance of double taxation
This makes your business competitive and legalized from the point of distributing tax burden
Estonia one of the most developed countries in the use of Internet
Almost all tasks connected to cooperation with state institutions can be resolved through the Internet
Incorporation and management over distance
There is no need to come to Estonia for registering a company or making changes to the company, manage company, present the necessary reports, sign documents digitally online
DKLex – your reliable Partner
Our main goal is to help your business realize its potential and opportunities in Estonian
and EU countries in accordance with all the rules of the active legislation.
DKLex Consulting group – successfully operating on the market from 2011

The specialists from our company have the qualifications and many years of practical experience in supporting business projects. We provide a broad scope of legal and accounting services.

We will help you to form and develop your business by entering the markets of Estonia and EU.

Start right now!

Our advantages
Why choose us?
Since 2011, we successfully accompany the business processes of Estonian companies. We offer the most comprehensive business service available for residents and non-residents of Estonia
100% online
Including company registration, opening of a corporate bank account, receiving VAT number and monthly accounting.
You just need to upload your invoices into your account. We will ensure that taxes are declared and will provide accounting services for you distantly on the basis of outsourcing.
First class support
Aside from e-mail, you can also contact us using Skype for video conferences r via Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp for audio calls.
Tax consulting
Consultations regarding every aspect of your business, from taxation and VAT and up to employed personnel and distributing dividends.
International payments
We cooperate with the largest banking services providers, that offer the best banking solutions for your business.
Register a standard company
The package includes the necessary services for starting your own business:

- Initial consultation
- Company registration
- Legal address and contact person for your company
- Receipt of company incorporation documentation after the company was registered
- Application for receiving VAT number (if necessary)
- Application for receiving EORI number (if necessary)
- Support in opening an IBAN account

Company registration price for 1 person on the basis of a power of attorney is 950 euros, which includes the state fee, notary and translator services, sending of the original documents by a courier and also legal address and contact person services in Estonia.
For every additional company member, the price is increased by 200 euros.
Company registration package
Accounting services
Monthly payment depends on the volume of invoices (invoices for sale or purchase) you have issued,
not depending on the number of shareholders or board members of your company or your yearly turnover.
Prices do not include Estonian VAT (20%)
Crypto-company registration package
Monthly accounting reports
Monthly VAT reports (if necessary)
Annual reports
Unlimited invces for sale
Unlimited invoices for purchase
Crypto accounting
59 euros per hour
The price shall depend on the way you will decide to register a company and the number of licenses for crypto activities.
The package includes:
- initial consultation and support of all processes
- registration of a company in Estonia
- legal address and a contact person for your company
- preparation of the necessary documentation for obtaining the licenses for crypto activities
- consultation regarding opening IBAN account
Crypto activities
Estonia became the first jurisdiction in EU, that legalized the work with cryptocurrencies and allowed blockchain technology based ICOs to be organized and carried legally.
For today is possible to get following licenses for crypto-activity:
- cryptocurrency service
(exchanging cryptocurrency to FIAT, FIAT to crypto and one cryptocurrency to another, e-wallet service)

- activity as a financial institution
(an additional license that allow exchange of fliat currencies)

Additional the state fee in the amount of 3300 euros is paid.
Requirements for obtaining a license:
- certificate of no criminal record of each member of the company (owner, beneficiary, member of the board, prosecutor) from each country of citizenship + passport scans from each country of citizenship;
- CV of the board members of the company and AML officer;
- formed share capital in the amount of 12,000 euros (monetary contribution only);
- office rented in Estonia;
- at least 1 member of the board must be in Estonia;
- A list of accounts opened in the name of the company in banks and payment systems, with a unique account number and name of the bank.
Consideration of the application within 60 days, however, the term can be increased to 120 days.

If the company licenses were obtained before March 10, 2020, the requirements must be performed before July 1, 2020!
We provide a full range of services for companies with cryptographic licenses, which need to bring the company in line with the new requirements of the law. Take advantage of our offer to upgrade your licenses.
We are ready
to provide assistance in setting up and support the activities
of an investment fund in Estonia, including:
Agreement fund
Registration of a fund for joint investments in accordance with a strategy that is realized by a managing company with an option of creating sub-funds.
Public limited fund
Organisation of a fund in the form of a public limited company, the activity of which are regulated by the Commercial code and/or the Investment funds law of Estonia
Trust management based fund
The establishment of a fund in a form of a trust based management partnership, that can manage its assets by itself without the use of a managing company.
Our services include also the services for receiving the fund manager license (is such is necessary depending on the fund structure).
Our company is ready to provide support for FATCA registration
Practical information
Frequently asked questions
By registering a company in Estonia you gain many variants for doing business in EU and beyond.
Currently there is relatively high level of commercial integration in the European community. For over thirty
years the Customs union exists and a unified trade policy is used.

A unified internal market was created, which your Estonian company may enter and offer its goods.

Of course, every type of business has its own nuances and hidden dangers, thus, prior to going in this
environment, we suggest you turn to our specialists for consultations regarding such "dangers" that may
regard your Estonian company. We will help you correctly use the tools of the trade policy, customs pricing and other matters for doing business with your Estonian company.

Online trading
By registering and company in Estonia you will get an excellent opportunity to do online trading without any difficulties, an Estonian company can become your first step into the huge world of internet trading.

It doesn't matter if you will open your own online store or trade through the giant trade platforms life Amazon or Ebay.

This does not require you obtaining any special licenses, that may be required only, if the goods you wish to sell though an Estonian company, under the Estonian legislation require you to have a license. You should first consult with our specialists in this matter.

Because in Estonia a rather simplified package of establishment documents is used, you may easily register in the world largest trade platform (Ebay, Amazon) as a legal person and go through the identification procedure.

We provide Amazon as an example, which attracts many buyers from all over the world due to high quality service and well thought out logistics.

There are over 30 groups of goods on Amazon, because of that, you can trade with practically anything.

If you are interested in opening your own online store for an Estonian company, then you will require to
register an acquiring (merchant account) for your webstore.

Acquiring – is an opportunity for your store to accept non-cash payments for goods and services. You can also receive a consultation from or specialists regarding where you may send an application for registering a merchant account.


By registering a company in Estonia, your main field of activity may be expeditor services. In Estonia, there are very many opportunities.

A known fact is that the internal logistical market of Europe is considered a developing field and for many years shows positive dynamics and stable growth. Moving goods within EU does not require much customs formalities and that makes this type of transportation very quickly and clear even for those new to the field of logistics.

Your Estonian company can make cargo transportation across the world by various means (using land, water or other transportation means). For this type of business it is necessary to receive a special permission in Estonia.

In more details you can discuss this matter with our specialists, in order to avoid future difficulties with doing business through your Estonian company.

Clients of our company DKLex are successful logistical companies, that have worked in this field for much time, have their own hired employees, transport for cargo transportation and the company DKLex Consulting Group is managing their accounting and provides consultations in the field.

By registering a company in Estonia you will get an opportunity to provide consultation services in any field, in which you are interested and plan to do business with your Estonian company.

Consulting as a type of business is provisions of professional consultations regarding a broad scope of questions from fields of economy, finance, legal matters and other fields of commercial activities.

One of the most popular and profitable consulting fields are legal, tax, financial, marketing and production consulting and also IT consulting and HR consulting.

Aside from consultation services, an Estonian company can provide online courses, in other words, webinars, remote learning and similar services.

In order to get additional information about this matter you can always contact our specialists.

IT companies
Estonia is duly considered as a country with high level of development in the field of information and technologies. More and more services can be provided through Internet, company accounting and proceedings in Estonia are also carried out digitally. Any person living in Estonia has an ID card that allows to safely use internet services and sign documents digitally.

Any person can apply for an e- Residency card, in order to become a member of an international digital
community. With an e-Residency card it is possible to register a company within a day. E-residency does not provide you with Estonian citizenship, but opens most of the options that can simplify and quicken your business activities.

The e-state system that was developed by the state government not only allows to carry out business and communication with state organs online, but also allow to realize IT projects with a perspective of reaching an international level. As known, world famous companies, such as Skype, Transferwise, Bolt (Taxify) were created in Estonia. Today Estonia is the top country by the number of startups per person. Estonia bravely accepts and uses newest technologies in IT field, thus offering projects that are unique and are based on high technology.

Also in Estonia, there is a program for providing a visa for startup creators, that are not residents of EU. By providing a startup project and obtaining a visa, you are required to add your project to a special list of startups, that will allow you to hire foreign employees and work on preferential terms for 5 years.

We will gladly answer any questions you may have, help fill out the application for obtaining e-Residency and will support the company registration online procedure.
Estonia became one of the first countries that made the work of the crypto sector legal and gave an option for obtaining two licenses, one for exchanging crypto to fiat and vice versa and another to provide cryptowallet services. In Estonia, there is a clear legal definition of cryptocurrency as an alternative payment method. The activities of companies providing cryptocurrency exchange services for maintaining cryptocurrency are regulated by law and are under the state regulators supervision – the Financial Inspectorate and the Money Laundering Prevention Bureau.

Today Estonia is considered as an ideal country for receiving cryptocurrency licenses – relatively low registration costs for setting up a company, no share capital requirements when the company is registered and the review of an application takes around a month.
Main requirements is the lack of prior criminal offences for all company members (owners, management board member, beneficiary) and also it is best to have education and experience in the field of money laundering and terrorism finance prevention.

In Estonia, provision of cryptocurrency exchange services is equal to traditional currency exchange based operations and is not taxable.

Our company has practical experience regarding organization and support of cryptocurrency projects. We shall provide you with qualified help preparing the necessary documents that are required to carry out an ICO and also to carry out due diligence procedure, shall prepare the legal part, White paper, AMLKYC/CFT policies.

We will consult you in all matters regarding legal regulations in the field of cryptocurrency, in matters or obtaining the licenses, taxation and doing crypto-accounting.

Эстония стала одной из первой стран, которая узаконила работу криптосектора и дала возможность получения двух лицензий: первая- для обмена криптовалюты на фиат и обратно, вторая- услуга криптовалютного кошелька. В Эстонии существует четкое правовое определение статуса криптовалюты как альтернативного платежного средства. Деятельность компаний, предоставляющих услуги по обмену криптовалюты и предоставления услуги кошелька для хранения криптовалюты, регулируется Законом и находится под надзором государственных регуляторов – Финансовой инспекции Эстонии и Бюро по противодействию отмыванию денег.

На сегодняшний день Эстония считается идеальной страной для получения лицензий на криптодеятельность – относительно низкие затраты на регистрацию компании, никаких требований к уставному капиталу на момент регистрации фирмы и рассмотрение ходатайства занимает около месяца. Из основных требований- отсутствие судимостей у всех членов компании (собственник, член правления, бенефициар), а так же желательно наличие образования и опыта в сфере противодействия отмыванию денег и финансирования терроризма.

В Эстонии оказание услуг по обмену криптовалюты приравнивается к традиционным валюто-обменным операциям и не подлежит налогообложению.

Наша компания имеет практический опыт по организации, проведению и сопровождению криптопроектов. Мы окажем Вам квалифицированную помощь в разработке пакета документов, необходимых для проведения ICO, а так же для проведения процедуры due dilligence, разработаем юридическую часть White Paper, АML/KYC/CFT правила. Мы проконсультируем Вас по правовым вопросам относительно законодательного регулирования сферы криптовалют, вопросам получения лицензий, налогообложения и ведения криптобухгалетрии.
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