Opening an account for cryptocompany
The number of companies working in the field of cryptobusiness is growing rapidly. At the same time also grows the number of institutions that offer opening accounts for cryptocompanies.
This can be both accounts with a unique IBAN number and also merchant accounts. They may be multicurrency accounts or support only SEPA/SWIFT. Most payment systems also offer an opportunity for integration into your project!

In our last article Start licensed cryptoactivity in Estonia you can find general information about cryptoactivities in Estonia.

We note, that in order to receive a license for cryptoactivities (or to abide to the requirements of the new Estonian legislation for those companies that already have licenses), an account within Eurozone is necessary, it may be:
  • a bank account;
  • an account in a payment system (EMI).

Today there are many opportunities for opening accounts for both cryptoexchanges and ICO projects, that fall under the high-risk category. Moreover, crypto-friendly payment systems offer opening accounts remotely, with identification being made online.

Usually for opening an account the following documents are required:
  • company documentation;
  • passport scan of every company participant;
  • utility bill;
  • office rent agreement;
  • agreements with partners or invoices;
  • account printoutif the company has/had an account in another bank/payment system.

Our employees will help you prepare a full list of documents, that is necessary for opening an account. We will be happy to offer you the most suitable solution particularly for you cryptoproject, write to us!

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