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The banking system of many European countries is well developed, reliable and well organized. People are trying to choose the most profitable and convenient bank in all respects. Therefore, the choice falls on institutions located in respectable European countries and with the ability to remotely open and manage an account.

Almost all European banks provide the ability to manage your account using online banking. In some, you can open an account remotely without having to go to the country where the bank is located.

The main list of documents if you want to open an account in Europe online:
  • company registration documents;
  • documents of the owner, member of the board, beneficiary;
  • agreements with partners, invoices;
  • office rent agreement;
  • annual report of the company;
  • utility bill;
  • statement from a personal account;
  • statement from the company account.

Banks require all these documents to prevent "money laundering" under international law. The legality of the origin of money is one of the most important aspects for opening an account in Europe. A mandatory requirement is full disclosure of information about the actual owner of the company (beneficiary).

However, opening a bank account may take some time.
Payment systems (PS) in Europe are an excellent alternative to banks. PS allows you to open a full account for making and accepting payments as part of business activities. The payment system does not offer other services that are often available in the banking sector, such as lending or investment opportunities.

For the new company, these differences are insignificant and the account in the PS is quite enough for it. It is also possible to open an account in the payment system a 100% online.

If you are interested in opening an account or if you still have additional questions, feel free to contact our specialists.

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