Accounting in Estonia 100% online
Estonia is a country with developed IT technologies. The goals of the government in many ways are directed towards the creation of a digital state.
You can learn more about the possibility of registering a company in Estonia online from our article Managing business a 100% online on the pages of our website.

Solutions in the field of IT communication are also directed towards creation of a comfortable internet environment for doing and managing business through Estonian companies.
A company in Estonia can be registered remotely by using an e-Residency card and later accounting can be done, with declarations being signed with an e-residency card. Also this option can be delegated to an accountant in the Estonian outsourcing company.
Our company provides such a service. The contract for accounting services can also be made a 100% online. Of course, there are matters related to preparation of reports in Estonian language and there is the need to understand the invoices and plans that may be different from the standards that are used in your country. But in any case, the accounting can be managed a 100% online.

What reports must the Estonian company present?

  • Salary declaration report – TSD;
  • Turnover tax report – KMD, which is basically a VAT report;
  • VD declaration, which is presented when transactions within EU are made with the goods being delivered from one EU country to another.

Accounting in Estonia can be managed using the already known software, like 1C program. The confirmation for the presented reports can be receiving in Estonian and English. All services regarding accounting management are done 100% online!
You can fully concentrate on business management matters, avoiding all the bureaucracy obstacles, avoiding administrative formalities and minimizing the "human" factor.

If you still have questions or require accounting services for your company, leave an application.

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