Managing business 100% online
Today it is possible to not only register a company in Estonia online, but also manage your business from any part of the world.

What do you need for that?

  • a computer with internet access;
  • an e-Residency card (digital citizenship card) with pin codes.

In our previous article Start a business in Europe 100% online you can read about what opportunities the European market can offer.

Estonia has named internet access as one of irrevocable human rights! The government created a StartUp culture and provides support to IT projects. Many of the services were transferred to the digital environment, thus making their use faster and more convenient. Practically any changes can be made online, which saves your time and lowers costs.

With an e-Residency card it is possible:

  • to make changes to the company data;
  • present accounting reports online;
  • sign protocols and agreements with partners digitally.

You will have online access 24/7 to the Commercial registry of Estonia, Tax and Customs board of Estonia, other state portals and departments. You will easily be able to manage your business by attracting an unlimited auditory on the web.

The tendency for managing business online only grows and right now, many forward thinking companies develop this are in order to save time and money. It is also possible to open an account remotely, without personally coming to the country. Digital signatures (one of the e-Residency cards options) is impossible to fake, which provides not only fast, but also safe business management.

It is expected that the overall amount of "digital Estonians", in other words Estonian e-Residents by 2025 will be around 10 million people!

You still don't have e-Residency? You can get more information about the advantages of digital citizenship and the conditions for obtaining it and also form an application on our website.

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