E-residency is an international digital identification document which can be applied
for by any person form any part of the world

The main reason to join e-residency is the manage business in EU online with all the necessary instruments for managing business all over the world

Manage your activities from any part of the world
For this you only need to have your e-residency card, passwords and internet access
Less costs and bureaucracy
Manage your company, sign documents and do business directly without participation of third parties.
Respectable company in EU
An Estonian company with transparent tax system that is friendly for doing business
Set up a company and manage it online
Register a company in Estonia without leaving home and manage it, make changes 24/7 online
Do business in a comfortable digital space
This will significantly lower your costs and save time. Does not require additional financial costs related to notary expenses
E-residency allows to do business through a company set up in EU
A company registered in EU has access to a unified market of Europe, can have VAT registration and EORI number
In Estonia:
99.6% of all bank operations are done digitally

96.3% of all people declare their taxes online

most startups in EU per person

- in digital economy and society index

- WEF entrepreneurship

- by the OECD competitiveness level

Estonia holds the first place:
How to start your business through e-residency?
1. Receive your e-Residency card
In order to apply you have no need to come to Estonia. You can make an application online, receive your card and passwords in any Estonian embassy abroad.

e-Residents receive an ID card with two PIN codes for safe verification of the identity and digital signature. A digital signature is equivalent to a signature made by hand.
2. Set up a company
e-Residency allows to set up a company online.

You need to choose a service provider in Estonia that will provide you with a legal address and a contact person service for registration. Our company can provide this service on the basis of a license FIU000177 Service of trust funds and companies).
3. Open a corporate account
Any company requires a corporate account. The Estonian legislation allow a company to have an account in any EU country.

We will help you open accounts in banks and payment systems of Europe.
4. Integrate into e-Resident society
e-Residency card allows you to enter into agreements digitally, to present accounting reports to the tax authorities of Estonia quickly and effectively and also quickly make changes to the composition of the management board and registration data of your Estonian company.

People from over 165 countries around the world have e-residency. Open new ways for development of business!
Make an e-Residency application right now
Main advantages of e-Residency
1. Register a company in Estonia 100% online
You can set up a company in Estonia remotely and manage your business from any part of the world.
2. Open an account in a bank of EMI provider online
You can open an account for a registered Estonian company remotely and receive an IBAN number.
3. Sign agreements with partners online.
If you have an e-Residency card, you can enter into agreements with partners by using your digital signature, that is equivalent to a signature made by hand.
4. Use all advantages of a digital environment
e-Residents of Estonia have access to services on the Eesti.ee portal – a unified source of the state information and digital services. You can also present financial reports regarding your company remotely, by using a digital signature.
5. Develop your business
With an e-Residency card you can apply online for VAT and/or EORI number for doing business with partners from EU countries.

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  • FIU000177 Service of trust Funds and companies
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