IT business in Estonia
Estonia is a country of opportunities. If turned from a small country to a digital e-Estonia state.

By starting your business in Estonia, you may work in various fields, as any business area in interesting and profitable in its own way.

More and more government services can be used through the internet, corporate accounting and various proceedings in Estonia are done digitally. Citizens have an ID card that allows to safely use internet services and sign documents digitally. It can be safely stated, that around 80% of all services are available online – from purchasing groceries to voting at elections. In Estonia 88% of population use fast internet, 79% of the population use fast internet in their cellphones regularly, which covers 92% of the country. The average cellphone internet speed is 14,5 Mbit/s.

Any person can apply for an e-Residency card in order to become a member of an international digital community, more about this you can learn from our previous article Company in Estonia within 24 hours.

With the help of an e-Residency card, it is possible to register a company within a day. Estonia is long interesting in development of technologies and IT companies in particular, partially, the starting point for this interest was development of Skype.

There are state programs for financing promising technological StartUps from a fond jointly created by the state and private investors, provision of loans to companies that create technological products for export, hackathons (forums for IT-specialists) are organized regularly, in which even a person from another country can participate and tell about his StartUp.

Use the chance and bring your project to life. Lean an application and our specialist will answer your questions!

What is StartUp Visa?

StartUp Visa helps company founders, who are from outside EU, to grow their StartUp in Estonia for creation and management of the company.

This also allows Estonian StartUps to employ talented people from outside EU. If your product offers innovations and has large-scale potential, then Estonian StartUp Visa may be your lucky ticket.

Right now, there are over 1000 StartUps in Estonia. During the last few years, the country presented several interesting projects and PipeDrive, AdCash, Funderbeam, Taxify, Lingvist and others.

Recently an Estonian StartUp Velmenni was noticed, who deals with Li-Fi technologies development, that allows to transfer data 100 times faster than Wi-Fi, by using light. If the guys will be successful, this will be a major breakthrough.

Perhaps your project will be next!

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