Legal services for companies in Estonia
Our team has over 10 years of experience. We provide our clients with
legal services in various fields, that are connected to
your business activities.
Our advantages
We provide quality services in accordance with the legislation of the Estonia
Many years of practical experience
All out employees are qualified lawyers with high legal education and vast practical experience in legal matters.
Advantageous price policy and individual approach to every client
We guaranteed working in good faith, confidentiality of the received information and maintaining of the principles of professional ethics and individual approach to every client.
In many cases you have no need to waste time and funds in order to come to us for a consultation. Many questions we can discuss and resolve by phone or by e-mail.
Legal services
We will provide you with consultation in the field of the commercial code, law of obligations and tax law.
Preparation an analysis of agreements
Preparation of agreements in accordance with the active legislation of the Estonian Republic, including legal due diligence.
Representation in the court
We can represent your interests on all stages of the court proceedings, from presenting a claim to fulfilment of the court decision.
Preparation of AML/KYC/CFT/GDPR policies
Preparation of the necessary policies for your company activities in accordance with various legal acts of Estonia
Registration of a trade mark
We can help register a trade mark on the territory of Estonia, other EU countries and also make an international registration.
We will provide you with consultations in the matter of licensing requirements for your activities and will also help obtain them
Additional information
Relevant prices are provided to the client for confirmation in the form of a commercial offer depending on the volume of the necessary services.

The final prices are fixed by signing an agreement for provision of legal services. For more detailed information contact us.
  • FIU000177 Service of trust Funds and companies
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