Startup Estonia
a state program aimed towards development of the Estonian Startup ecosystem
Startup Estonia mission

The Estonian state works in order to create the most optimal legal and financial conditions for business realization of IT projects.

Goal: To become one of the leading world countries for Startups.

Tasks: Implement cooperation of the country with the best Startups in the world, private and government sectors, unifying them in help and cooperation with each other.

What exactly is Startup Estonia doing?
Today Startup Estonia divides its activities into 4 categories:
Strengthening of the Estonian Startup ecosystem
forming a unified community with the help of various events, creating and realization of unified marketing and branding strategies.
Carrying out learning programs for Startups
in the fields, where they currently have no necessary knowledge, that prevents them from reaching their (international) business goals.
Work teaching the local investors
in order to help them invest more and smarter, help attract new investors to Estonia and create new speed up funds, in order to put adequate funds into the local ecosystem.
Work to remove the regulatory barriers and questions
that make the process of initiating a Startup, investing and attracting finances more difficult, and implementation of rules, that are Startup friendly, such as Startup Visa.
If your business is in conformity with the following parameters, StartUp Visa is for you!
Is your business model large in scale and has a limitless growth potential?

Is your Startup innovatory and does it offer something that is not yet on the market?

Can your Startup grow globally?
Startup Visa helps company founders that are from outside EU, to grown their own Startup in Estonia, one of the best places in the world for creating and managing a company.

This also allows Estonian Startups to employ talented people from outside EU. If your product offers innovations and has large-scale potential, then the Estonian Startup Visa may become your lucky ticket.

What is Startup Visa?
How is Startup Visa useful for my business?
You are the main founder of a StartUp from outside EU and want to join one of the liveliest European scenes to start your activities?

To have the right for receiving a StartUp Visa as a founder, the following is necessary:
You are ready to spend 160 euros a month in Estonia. This means 1920 euros for a yearly visa. This is the minimum stated by law.

Still, decent rentable apartments costing around 400 euros a month and other living expenses, you will require more money in order to live in Estonia comfortably.
Technological, innovative and scalable business. It is expected that your business model has potential for global growth.

Aim for Airbnb and Uber, not for restaurants or individual consultations. Startup Visa is aimed towards technological Startups, which solve large problems, destroy huge industries and will service millions of people.
Approval from the Startup committee, that confirms that you are in conformity with the Startup definition and may apply for a starting visa.

Your application will be reviewed by people, that daily work with Startups. The committee is experienced and they do not approve traditional companies.
In order to initiate your StartUp in Estonia, you have two options:
If you don't yet have an Estonian company, you may apply for a long term starting visa (up to 12 months) or a short term visa (up to 3 months).
If you have already created an Estonian company, you may apply for receiving a starting visa (both short term and long term) or temporary residence permit for a starting business (up to five years).
How to apply for Startup Visa?
Fill out the qualification form
Present your company to the Committee once it is set up, by providing as much useful information as possible. Think about this as if you were presenting it to a potential investor.
Startup Committee is made up of members of Estonian community. It will review an application and will make a decision within 10 workdays. You will receive a letter with approval with a unique code. Keep that code from future steps.
Make an application
If your company qualified, fill out the visa application form or the application fora temporary residence permit by using your unique application code. Present an application personally to the Estonian embassy in the town or service point of the Estonian Police department of your choice. If your require assistance, turn to the consultation services regarding migration matters.
Let the adventure start!
If your application will be approved, be ready to move to Estonia.
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