Trademark in Estonia
Trademark is an excellent marketing instrument, which works in favor of the company name and image. Registration of a trademark is one of the ways you can protect your intellectual property.

If you have registered a trademark, it provides you with the sole right to own, use and manage it. The right to the trademark lasts for 10 years, with the possibility of prolongation.

The registered trademark must abide to a list of requirements:

- the trademark must not be the same as the already existing trademark in the field of goods or services on the territory of registration;
- the trademark must be different from other trademarks, must be individual and unique;
- the trademark may be made of any elemens that can be presented in a graphical form.

To present an application for registration of a trademark the following documents are necessary:

- confirmation that the state fee was paid;
- a correctly drawn up application;
- image of a trademark.

The right to the trademark appears from the moment the application was presented to the Estonian Patent Office. If the trademark is registered in Estonia, the application is reviewed within 2 months. Should be noted, that the registration itself if a long term process that can take up to 15 months.

We also turn your attention to the fact, that registration of a trademark may cover not only the territory of Estonia, but also Europe, or certain European countries or the whole world.

The employees of the company DKLex Group will help you register a trademark in Estonia or other European countries and also make an international registration.

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