Receiving VAT and EORI online
Estonia is a unique country that is often called a first e-state in the world.

Its goal is to achieve zero level of bureaucracy and by today most of the government
services are available online 24/7, and the security of data is achieved by using blockchain technologies.
The are many advantages that a "digital" citizen of Estonia can use.
In our previous article Income tax 0% we told about the advantages of the tax system for Estonian companies and it should be mentioned, what Tax department services can be used remotely for the development of own business.

The access to the Tax department via the e-Residency card is available 24 hours a day.
In the digital environment of the Tax department you can present the following
applications online without coming to Estonia:
  • application for receiving VAT number;
  • application for receiving EORI number (an identification number of the European Union for companies that carry out import or export of goods to or from EU).
If there is no opportunity to use the e-residency card you may provide a power of attorney certified by a notary and will make an application on behalf of your company.

When applying it is necessary:
- to fill out the form about your activities and that is it!

The main benefit is that now it is possible to apply for VAT voluntarily, before such an
obligation appears in accordance with the law.
What does the company need EORI number for?
It is obligatory for all companies that plan to do international business with EU borders, in other words who are active within EU borders or participate in customs operations. If your company requires EORI – please contact us and we will help receive it.

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